Roseli Bakes

Father’s Day Box

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An array of Roseli Puffs & Signature Stuffed Cookies to make your Dad's day!  

Our baked by hand short crust filled with signature 6 spice filling with local apples. It has a crumbly savory exterior with a sweet gooey center. Think of this as a hand held apple pie. Each rose is 4.5" wide.

Our Signature Stuffed Cookies are:

Coconut Carmel- Sugar cookie dough is flavored with coconut and has corn flakes mixed in. The cookie is then rolled in biscoff crumbs and filled with dulce de leche finally topped off with a dollop of marshmallow.

Nutella Stuffed S'mores- Brownie cookie dough with marshmallows and chocolate chunks baked around a gooey Nutella center and rolled in graham crackers.

Peanut Butter Dream- Brown butter cookie dough with peanuts and chocolate chunks all baked around a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and rolled in pretzel bits.

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